RifeMedic Professional Quantum Radionics Resonators

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RifeMedic’s are Alternative Scientific Health Enhancement Devices that function with frequencies, resonance, biological energy fields, as well as environmental and holographic aspects of the body and its environment. RifeMedic devices are creative, high quality and high accuracy instruments that may perform various functions, intended for the personal use of individuals to enhance human, fauna and flora health. RifeMedic’s are not medical devices. These devices comply to type BF safety requirements and are tested to obtain certificates of compliance from the necessary control authorities.  RifeMedic and BioResEdu systems are devices used for education or for research purposes.

“RifeMedic 3”    RifeMedic 235 C Quantum Radionics Resonator                   The first high quality, high accuracy RifeMedic. 1 615 programs. Consistently manufactured and used for more than 12 years.

RifeMedic 6”    RifeMedic 6

Essentials Quantum Radionics Resonator

Most economical unit. 1 000 programs.

85 to 230 VAC universal power supply

RifeMedic devices can perform several innovative modalities including Bio-Resonance or Rife Machine application, Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy, Energy Radiation or Radionics Energy Transmission, Water Imprinting, Bob Beck 3.9 Hz Modality, Pulsed Magnetic Field application, Zapping and more.