RifeMedic Professional Quantum Radionics Resonators

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Home ™ Imprinter unit: International Patents Pending Software and other Specifications: The RifeMedic 4 and RifeMedic 5 computer programs show the frequency wave on an oscilloscope and show the harmonics of the frequency on a spectrum analyser.

Product 4:               “RifeMedic 6

Essentials Quantum Radionics Resonator

The RifeMedic 6 is the easiest to use device. Use the up and down arrow keys to quickly find a program, press enter and press start.

While one program is running, the user may look up and select more programs. All programs entered will be run in the sequence it has been entered.

This device exceeds the specifications of the generally economically priced devices.

This is our most economical device

The RifeMedic 5 is controlled by Computer Software that makes it a very dynamic product.

The latest software update makes it now possible to compile custom programs, mix programs with custom frequencies and select frequencies from the Frequencies ‘effects’ page.

RifeMedic Healing Energy Radiation Devices work on all RifeMedic devices. This is an Active Radionics Application.