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There are several terms and conditions for an individual before he or she may use a RifeMedic device. This document does not contain the full terms and conditions but provides an oversight only. The terms and conditions include that the individual is fully aware of all the precautions, risks, conditions, effects, applications, procedures and functions of the modality and that the individual undertakes to apply the modality to himself or herself entirely at his or her own risk. Individuals should also consult with their own physicians in order to obtain professional advice regarding the use and application of this modality. Should the physician in any event disagree, disapprove or don’t know about the modality, then the individual who are obtaining the advice from that physician, and the advice is applied to himself or herself, should not utilise this modality. An individual further has to be at his or her full senses and consciousness and capable of making his or her own decisions and take any action where necessary. The individual must receive instructions and must understand how to operate the instrument. There are several precautions and conditions that an individual has to perform including that enough water must be consumed after a RifeMedic session, specific times and durations may not be exceeded, feedback systems must exist in order to obtain progress of the application, and more. All RifeMedic devices must be unplugged from the mains supply during thunder storms as lightning is unpredicted. Individuals must undertake to comply to laws of their own countries.